Youth Engagement

Storytelling through social justice to inspire tomorrow’s leaders

About the program

We are witnessing a generation leading from the front when it comes to social change. Young people in Australia are challenging norms and dismantling barriers, fuelled by a desire to shape a future they want to live in.

It is no surprise, then, that Youth Engagement is the most established arm of Refugee Stories for Change. Since 2014, thousands of students, parents and educators have engaged with our Refugee Ambassadors and been inspired by their journeys to safety and contributions to Australia.

When humanity is standing before you, it is impossible to deny it. That’s why it’s incredibly powerful for refugees to be welcomed into schools, universities and places of learning all over the country to share their stories with passionate young people and their educators.

Refugee Stories for Change is a unique program that helps young people understand and empathise with the refugee journey and understand the contribution refugees are making in our societies.
Shifting perspectives at an early age is a crucial step in creating a more welcoming country. We look forward to discussing opportunities to bring Refugee Stories for Change to your school or university.


There are so many brilliant young people with beautiful minds who can conquer the world if they’re given the right opportunities.

Deena Yako, Program Director

Refugee Stories for Change

We are the national body representing over 200 organisations & thousands of individuals who work with and for refugees & people seeking asylum.