Government Engagement

Telling stories to change hearts and minds at all levels of government

About the program

At a time when fostering empathy and shaping inclusive policies is crucial, Refugee Stories for Change can play a unique and vital role.

At all levels of government, from local councils to federal ministries, creating a culture of diversity and inclusion is essential. Integrating refugee storytelling into your calendar of events is a unique way to do this.

When humanity is standing before you, it is impossible to deny it. When you hear refugees tell their own stories, you learn they’re not passive recipients of aid; they can be empowered as leaders in communities around the country. By inviting them to share their journeys, governments and their offices can be part of tangibly increasing social cohesion and fostering a more compassionate Australian society.

We look forward to discussing opportunities to bring Refugee Stories for Change to your workplace or community.


I learned that refugees aren’t just faceless masses like the media portrays them, they are individuals and have stories.

Refugee Stories for Change

We are the national body representing over 200 organisations & thousands of individuals who work with and for refugees & people seeking asylum.