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Creating unique opportunities for corporate social responsibility

About the program

Corporate social responsibility is a guiding principle for companies seeking to lead as agents of change. Integrating refugee storytelling into your calendar of staff events is a unique way to foster diversity and inclusion.

Refugee Stories for Change offers an unparalleled opportunity for staff and leadership at all levels to personally connect with individuals from refugee backgrounds. By providing a platform for direct interaction and open dialogue, organisations gain insights into the challenges faced by refugees—escaping danger, navigating journeys to Australia, and rebuilding lives in a new country.

Enabling refugees to share their stories, giving them control of their own narratives, is at the core of this program that celebrates courage, resilience and humanity, and ultimately fosters greater understanding and empathy in the workplace.

We look forward to discussing opportunities to bring Refugee Stories for Change to your workplace.


My story is about just one very lucky survival — there are still millions more to be heard.

Simon Shahin, Refugee Ambassador of Australia

Refugee Stories for Change

We are the national body representing over 200 organisations & thousands of individuals who work with and for refugees & people seeking asylum.