Community Engagement

Opening community spaces to lived experience and representation

About the program

The heart of any community is its people.

We know that local leaders seek to make their communities stronger – to spark connections, facilitate conversations and bridge gaps. Integrating Refugee Stories for Change into your calendar of events is a unique way to work towards these goals.

The heart of our program is its Refugee Ambassadors, and their stories aren’t just about survival; they’re celebrations of humanity and bravery, resilience and tenacity. Inviting refugees into communities to share their stories provides meaningful opportunities to champion diversity, lived experience and representation, building an Australia that is fairer and more welcoming to all.

We look forward to discussing opportunities to bring Refugee Stories for Change to your community.


There are so many brilliant young people with beautiful minds who can conquer the world if they’re given the right opportunities.

Deena Yako, Program Director

Refugee Stories for Change

We are the national body representing over 200 organisations & thousands of individuals who work with and for refugees & people seeking asylum.