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Storytelling through social justice

Our refugee speakers are the heart of Refugee Stories for Change. Refugee Ambassadors play an integral role in breaking down harmful stereotypes about refugees and people seeking asylum. In sharing their journeys with people around Australia, they write a new chapter of humanity and bravery, dismantling a legacy of disrespectful, abusive and dehumanising stories about refugees and people seeking asylum.

We believe each and every refugee story has value and purpose, and we’d love to help you tell yours. Each Refugee Ambassador undergoes an intensive two-day training program run by RCOA, and focuses on public speaking, confidence building, storytelling, and message development for target audiences.

All Refugee Ambassadors are paid for their time and input.

We know your story has the power to change hearts around Australia and help build a country that is fairer and more welcoming to all. We can’t wait to help you share it.


We’re not all that different, and I’m grateful I have the voice and platform to amplify this at home, work and throughout our community.​

Sarab Shada — Refugee Ambassador of Australia

We are the national body representing over 200 organisations & thousands of individuals who work with and for refugees & people seeking asylum.